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Riverside Business Park, Keighley

Client: Keighley Properties Limited

Architect: Horsley Townsend

Riverside Business Park, located in Keighley adjacent to the River Aire is the redevelopment the former Oakworth Joinery manufacturing facility in Keighley. The former 13-acre site has been redeveloped to form five separate self-contained units ranging from 48,000 sq ft to 90,000 sq ft, providing a total of 260,000 sq ft of industrial space with 100,000 sq ft of external yard space.

We were appointed to develop Landlords services, new incoming utility services and the decommissioning and removal of the existing private electricity & gas networks serving the site.

Key challenge: The existing electricity distribution to the development was from a PrivateHV Network and gas was supplied at Medium Pressure, through a private pipeline, crossing land under third party ownership-both of which were a concern to Keighley Properties and did not provide flexibility for redevelopment opportunities. The Private HV Network, consisting of eight substations, most of which were over 40 years old, two being manufactured in 1963, which were in an unsafe and unreliable operating condition due to lack of maintenance. The Private HV Network also served an adjacent manufacturing site under a Private Supply Agreement, which had to be considered as part of the utilities strategy for the redevelopment of the site, to maintain continuity of supply during the redevelopment programme.

To provide security of supply and flexibility for the redevelopment, we managed the decommissioning of the Private HV Network and negotiated with Northern Powergrid for the installation of a new HV distribution network to serve both the redevelopment site and the adjacent manufacturing site.

Off-site reinforcement of the Northern Powergrid HV Network and new on-site substations were required to provide supply capacity for the redevelopment. Negotiating with Northern Powergrid, on behalf of Keighley Properties, resulted in the off-site network reinforcement works being carried out by Northern Powergrid at no cost to Keighley Properties.


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