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What we do

We are established utility infrastructure consultants and with the benefit of our experience and knowledge, we can negotiate reduced costs. In some instances, have successfully negotiated removal of costs for the infrastructure installations or obtained rebates at the end of the project.

By engaging with you at the concept stage, we can obtain utility maps, identify existing service locations, advise on relocation of services before you dig, obtain budget costs and advise on network capacity – avoiding unexpected, expensive surprises later.

Our services continue through the development stages, arranging disconnections to existing buildings and providing firm costs for utility connections and diversions to existing services affected by the development.

Installing new mains water

Infrastructure:Solutions provide a depth of knowledge and expertise to develop utility solutions across the lifecycle of a project.

At construction stage, we can manage the on-site installation of the utility infrastructure, obtaining MPAN’s, MPRN’s and SPID’s to assist in the appointment of energy suppliers and water retailers, providing a complete infrastructure solution.

PAS 128 Utility Maps

Research -

PAS 128 Survey

In the pre-development phase, we obtain utility maps of above and below ground services from all known utility operators and conduct a desktop study to PAS 128: 2022, Type D, or a desktop study and site survey to PAS 128: 2022, Type C.

We offer two types of report: Desktop Utility Search or In-depth Utilities Study

The reports identify the locations of existing utility services in the area of interest and where services may need to be diverted.

Search before you dig

Feasibility -

Utility Mapping

Information gathered from the desktop study during the research phase is utilised to develop proposals and options in the feasibility phase.

This enables network capacity studies to be undertaken to provide an understanding of the availability of supply and an indication of the likely costs to provide the utility infrastructure to the development.

Utility Infrastructure Project Costs

Budgeting -

Cost Analysis

Disconnections, diversionary works and new connections can be expensive and have long lead-in periods.

It is important to understand the potential costs and lead-in periods early in the

development of a project for budgeting and cash-flow projections.

The information obtained from our desktop research & feasibility studies, along with an understanding of the project deliverables, allows us to develop budget costs for disconnections, diversionary works and new connections.

Utility Installations

Delivery -

Utility Infrastructure Solutions

As the project moves into the delivery phase, we prepare and submit the applications for disconnections, diversions and new connections. Utilising our in-depth knowledge of the utilities industry, we obtain competitive quotations from independent connections providers and network operators.

In certain circumstances, we have been successful in negotiating the removal of the costs for the infrastructure solutions.

We don't stop there - we can also manage the delivery of the onsite works.

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