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Utilities Infrastructure Solutions

Careful planning and early development of utility requirements for new build, major extensions, redevelopment and regeneration projects is essential to ensure the successful and timely delivery of gas, water, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure and diversion of existing infrastructure.

Utility Search

We understand utility services and why it is important to search before you dig. You need to know the locations of existing services and how they could affect your development. We obtain utility maps, undertake a desktop study to PAS 128 : 2014 and provide a report on known utility services in the vicinity of your development. Click here 

Utility Infrastructure Solutions 

Each development is unique and at Infrastructure:Solutions, we have extensive experience of working with Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s), Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO’s) and Independent Connections Providers (ICP’s) to develop the most appropriate utility infrastructure solution for your development.

We engage and discuss infrastructure proposals with utility operators and providers to find the best utility infrastructure solutions. With the benefit of our experience and knowledge, we can negotiate reduced costs and in some instances, have successfully negotiated removal of the costs for infrastructure installations.

We can manage the on-site installation of the utility infrastructure on your behalf.


To see more about the projects that we have worked on click here

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